About Us

If not us, then who?

We are students supporting our community healthcare heroes on the front-lines of the battle in this unprecedented pandemic.

We support NYC healthcare workers by offering free childcare, pet sitting, and household management services. Our team provides services to ALL healthcare workers and staff - anyone from resident doctors to the remarkable humans who keep our hospitals clean.

Our goal is to help offset the impact of school closures and increased work demands on healthcare workers. Supporting each other during this uncertain time will help us overcome this challenge one step at a time.

Our board is a student-run team consisting of a medical students and students aspiring to go to medical school from New York City. While we are not yet fully trained to provide clinical care, we can ease the burdens on those on the front lines by helping in any way that we can. We specifically would like to thank one particular team, the medical students at MNcovidsitters.org, for their willingness to help us form this site as well as for inspiring the birth of similar organizations throughout the country.

Everyone has a role. We are in this fight together.

Please note: NYC CovidSitters is NOT officially affiliated with any Medical School or Medical Institution.   


Meet The Lead Team 

Gunjan Desai

Founder & Director of Public Relations

Ross University School of Medicine MS3 Student

Dipta Roy

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

Admin Coordinator at Center for Autism

Aratanxa Dave

Jasmine Gaston

Risk Mitigation Specialist

Ross University School of Medicine MS4 Student

Director of Volunteer Coordination

Ross University School of Medicine MS3 Student

Muller Pierre-Louis

Hospital Outreach Specialist

Ross University School of Medicine MS3 Student

Daniel Eleyahouzadeh

Volunteer Coordinator

Ross University School of Medicine MS3 Student

Sunu Jacob

Social Media Specialist

Clinical Coordinator at Northwell Health

Maaza Jaan

Social Media Specialist

Ross University School of Medicine MS3 Student


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