Frequently Asked Questions for Parents/Guardians:

What is this initiative?

We are health professional students and aspiring health professional students (medicine, nursing, pharmacy, etc.) who want to help healthcare providers in NYC with temporary urgent household needs while they perform essential clinical duties during COVID-19.

Who is organizing?

We are a group of health professional students and aspiring health professional students looking for ways to help our community. However, this is NOT an official activity associated with any medical school or institution.

Who are the “babysitters�??

Currently they are NYC students from health professions (medical, pharmacy, nursing, etc.). Please note that we are NOT certified childcare professionals.

Where is this happening?

Our volunteers will mostly be coming to your home to watch your children/pets and run errands.

What ages do you babysit? What kind of services can the students provide?

Currently, we are offering services for children of all ages. However, because our students are not trained in childcare or managing disabilities, we are unable to provide services for children or adults with complex developmental needs. If you would like to clarify if your child fits into this category, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our coordinators at nyccovidsitter@gmail.com. Apart from childcare services, students can provide grocery shopping, meal prepping, and pharmacy runs, provided you give them authorization. We would prefer if you did not utilize our students for alcohol-related purchases.

How much does this cost?

Payment is not required, as we wanted to make this a free service for those who are already working hard to care for others. Our students are made aware that this is a voluntary service on their behalf. However, if you rely on your students to complete additional household management tasks such as grocery shopping, pharmacy runs, etc. please pay them in full. We do not accept IOUS.

How long can I receive childcare?

Currently, we ask that you evaluate your needs weekly. Additionally, while schools are currently holding online classes, they are still expected to attend and complete class sessions, including online small group sessions. Therefore, your student(s) may have educational requirements to meet during their voluntary “babysitting�? hours. Also, please remember that we are not professional childcare support. If you find yourself needing them for more hours than our students can manage, please reach the Coordination Team at  so we can reevaluate.

Can we combine children from different households?

Unfortunately, due to health concerns, we can only accommodate children from the same household (i.e. siblings, live-in relatives).